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Q: Every time I start CDR Tools Front End I'm getting the message "No CD drive(s) found! The most common reason is you don't have properly installed ASPI driver". How can I fix this?

A: You need an ASPI layer. I'm searching for someone to allow me distribute their ASPI drivers but meanwhile you can try one of these options:

Q: Which version should I use?

A: All experienced users which don't mind using English only interface should use the latest and greatest development or beta version! Keep in mind that I've never released a version that was too buggy to work. Don't afraid of the development versions. Also, I'm always trying to release bug fixes as soon as possible. Anyway, if you prefer to play it safe, or prefer using other than English user interface language, use the current stable version.

Q: Why CDR Tools Front End is not an Open Source project?

A: I've started this project when I bougth my first CD Recorder and found no good free GUI application for CD Recording. It was not intended to be an Open Source nor to become public at all :) I just put it on my site and got surprised how many people started to use it. Then I've started to implement new features from user's requests and to do the job quicker and better I've used a lot of code taken from and Now even if I consider to get my code open I cannot open the other author's code just like that. And not all of them can be contacted! Removing this code and replacing it with mine would take the project an year back. On the other hand the source code is a result of my free time work during all these years, sometimes untouched for months and is not that great :)

Q: Will CDR Tools Front End become commercial or ad-ware?

A: No

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