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Quick description

SensorScroll is a Windows Mobile application for HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro. It uses the touch sensor control for various actions like scrolling, emulating key press and so on, while the user uses the control. In order avoid duplicating the information please check the main download and description page.


* v0.7.1 (20.05.2009)
- Fixed a nasty bug resulting in SensorScroll working with all programs including those who needs to be ignored
- Temporary removed windows enumeration in SensorScroll Settings. I'll try to put some more complex code to handle poorly working API functions in the next version.

* v0.7 (17.05.2009)
- Fully changed working principles. Should be much more stable and compatible now.
- Added support for screen rotation. Read the manual about the 3 key screen rotation.
- Added support for process identify. Read the manual.
- Added handling of power notifications. Now it should consume almost no CPU when suspended.
- Added support for preventing the device to go to suspended state while using the d-pad
- Added support for vibrate feedback for "touch gestures switch", "screen rotation", "process identify"
- Fixed problem with saving/loading settings with non english versions of windows mobile
- Fixed problem with double tap working not only for the center button, but also in other areas (home, back, call, end call)
- Removed process enumeration in SensorScroll Settings. This caused more problems then it solved.

* v0.6 (31.03.2009)
- Added support for touch gestures. Try it Thanks go to player911 for this suggestion. For more information check the manual
- Added AppToDate support
- Improved the way SensorScroll imitate scroll/keys. Now it should work in more windows.
- Improved the way SensorScroll handles gestures
- Fixed a nasty memory leak
- Fixed a small bug in SensorScroll Settings resulting in not displaying the default item when the settings file is corrupted.
- Removed cprog.exe from no_process.txt (now it works in Call History, etc)

* v0.5 (26.01.2009)
- Project officially renamed from Diamond SensorScroll to SensorScroll
- Added SensorScroll Settings application. There is a user's manual available at my web site:
- Added support for on the fly reloading of both SensorScroll Settings file (named settings.dss) and no_process.txt.
- Added support for key press emulation, page scroll and horizontal scrolling

* v0.4 (11.01.2009)
- Big number of small changes, which should result in more stable behavior.
- Included camera.exe in no_process.txt.
- Included several applications which run at Windows Mobile start-up, in no_process.txt. Now it should never hand at start-up.

* v0.3 (05.01.2009)
- Fixed another problem causing the application to stop working when a window is closed
- Improved cleanup code

* v0.2 (04.01.2009)
- Fixed a problem causing the application to stop working when a window is closed
- Fixed setup to install in \Program files\Diamong SensorScroll folder. - Added sensorscroll.exe to no_process.txt (caused some problems)

* v0.1 (01.01.2009)
- First version



Main download and description page:
Old version 0.6 can be downloaded at:

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