Below is a list of software developed by me and available for download. If you have any requests or questions please use my message board!


Name Description Version OS license size
Name Description Version OS license size
SensorScroll SensorScroll is a Windows Mobile application for HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro. It uses the touch sensor control for various actions like scrolling, emulating key press and so on, while the user uses the control. v0.5 from I.2009 Windows Mobile 6.1 Freeware 154Kb
RuntimeTester Small program for testing an application which was time, CPU and memory consuming in different multitasking environments. The idea is to help you understand how you can get most of your hardware. This is done by running user selected program in selected count of threads and each thread has a selected count of queued executions It can help you answer questions like: "How much can this hardware take?", "Which is the optimal number of parallel running processes for this hardware?" and so on. Full C++ source code is included. Read the readme.txt inside for more info. v1.0 from VII.2008 Win32 (tested on XP) (console) BSD 130Kb
Shell Extension Manager helps you activate / deactivate MS Windows shell extensions in order to improve the stability and speed of your computer. Your actions with this program could fail your Windows Explorer Shell! Use with caution! v1.0.1 from X.2004 Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP (GUI) GPL 434Kb
Show Traffic Monitors network traffic on the chosen network interface and displays it continuously. It could be used for locating suspicious network traffic or to evaluate current utilization of the network interface. v1.7.0 from VII.2008 Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP (GUI) BSD 460Kb
Resource Extractor Extracts built-in resources from Win32 executable file types. Such resources are icons, bitmaps, sounds, animations, etc. You could use a file mask (such as C:\WINDOWS\*.*) for batch processing. v1.0 from IX.2000, updated I.2002 Win32 (GUI) Freeware 358Kb
Network Game Detect Show information about running game servers in your LAN. Currently four games are supported. (Full C source code included) v1.01 from III.2002 Win32 (GUI) BSD 364Kb
Ident server Simple Ident (authentication) server. It is very small (18Kb executable) and stays as an icon in the system tray. (Full C source code included) v1.2 from VI.2002 Win32 (GUI) BSD 355Kb
CDR Tools Front End This is a CDR Tools (CDRecord) Front End. You could use it to burn those ISO images :-) Create new compilations with drag & drop interface and more. It is FREE v1.4 (final) from VIII.2004 Win32 (GUI) Freeware 1.61Mb
Port scanner Small and fast (I hope) port scanner without ANY stealth routines in it. (Full C source code included) v1.0 from XI.2000 Win32 (console) GPL 7Kb
HTML 2 PERL This is a way to generate and show report pages in PERL. First you create report HTML code using your favorite editor. Than you use htm2perl.exe to convert it into a PERL subroutine. At the end you include generated PERL file in your 'require' section (or include generated code). (Full C source code included) from VI.1999 Win32 (console) Freeware 4Kb
InitDisk This is a diskette formatting program (like FORMAT.COM). Always format tracks at low level using BIOS. Supports most of standard format types. Checks and marks bad clusters (if any) during format process. So far I found only spelling mistakes inside ;-) and left them. v1.4 from III.1997 DOS Freeware 21Kb
Visual ASCII Font Programmer (VAFP) I made VAFP to help me add some good look to my DOS programs. It creates text mode VGA fonts and has interesting look and feel. There are some problems with time delay under Win9x and is not tested under NT. Text documentation included is in Bulgarian, but program interface and built-in help are in English. v2.1 from 1997 DOS Freeware 31Kb
Rus2Bds This is for Bulgarian users only. Converts files from Russian to Bulgarian DOS ASCII tables. Useful with some programmers documentations etc. from 1996 DOS Freeware 11Kb

Wary downloads

WARNING: Some script kiddies have included the programs in this section into their troyan software (also called malware). I have nothing to do with it! None of the programs on my site contains any malicious code, nor ad-ware or something similar. Unfortunately several antivirus vendors report my programs as malware. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I believe all users of such antivirus software should think twice about trusting their computer's security to people who cannot distinct a malicious part of the software from non malicious one. Especially when all my programs show a copyright message + an email but I was never contacted from any vendor.

Name Description Version OS license size
Name Description Version OS license size
daSniff A An open source customizable sniffer for Windows 2000/XP. (Full C source code included) v1.41.A from VII.2002 Windows 2000/XP (console) Freeware 379Kb
daSniff B An open source customizable sniffer for Windows. (Full C source code included) v1.41.B from VII.2002 Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP (console) Freeware 729Kb
HTTP proxy

Source code
This is simple HTTP proxy. It runs as a console application. You can select listen port and optional log transfer to file, using command line options. v1.1 from XI.1999 Win32 (console) BSD 8Kb
Socks 4 server

Source code
You can use this server to give your banned/killed friends access to the IRC via your computer :-) for example. Supports protocol version 4A. v1.0 (final) from XI.1999 Win32 (console) BSD 9Kb
TCP connection redirect

Source code
Allow you to redirect connection or loop it back to sender. It has log functions which are useable if you want to look at some stream connection protocol, without having to run an IP sniffer or any other kind of support software. v1.1 from XI.1999, minor updates V.2004 Win32 (console) BSD 9Kb

Perl section

Name Description Version license size
Name Description Version license size Visual basic form (.FRM file) to Perl. Converts .FRM files to Perl source code ready to use. Does NOT convert Basic source code (forms only). Produced Perl source files use Win32::GUI module! v1.0 from VII.2001 Freeware 4Kb

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