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CDR Tools Front End


Version 1.5 dev (released 20.12.2004)
  • Added new feature to decode .ogg and .mp3 files when burning audio and mixed mode CDs
    Ogg/Vorbis decoding is done using oggdec
    MP3 decoding is done using madplay
  • Added play with your audio player button to the "select audio files" dialog
  • Added customized version of audio selection dialog when you can play file before confirm your selection
  • Changed settings dialog
  • Added a new option "Shut down when ready"
  • Added optional tray icon to show you when CDR Tools are working
  • Now only recorder drives are shown in drives combo when only recording is allowed
  • Added directory handler. Right click on a directory in Windows Explorer and select "Burn/Create ISO with CDR Tools"
  • Changed the way text is displayed in the Output console
  • Added a timer in console caption to show the operation time
  • Changed the charsets parser. Now it should work fine with MINGW cdrtools builds
  • Fixed a -tao warning when burning audio and mixed mode CDs
  • Fixed a problem with data image name when burning mixed mode CDs
  • Installer now comes with CDR Tools version 2.01
Version 1.4 beta (released 27.06.2004)
  • Language functionality is back again. Please send me your translations!
  • Added default write method Track At Once (TAO). It was default in the previous CDR Tools versions, but now it should be explicitly specified using the command line. This might become a problem for those who use -rawXXX method in the custom options. Please send me your feedback.
  • Help file is back (updated)
  • Installer now comes with CDR Tools version 2.01a32
  • Changed some options to appear with alternative names because they are reserved by POSIX.1-2001 for other purposes. This might lead to some options not working correctly if my front end is used with CDR Tools version prior 2.01a32
Version 1.4 dev 3 (released 01.03.2004)
  • Added "Import file list" button for Audio file list selection dialog. You can use it to import a text file contents into the list. Supported formats are path-list (generated from Visual ISO) and plain text "one line one file name" format. Note that the list is cleared before importing!
  • Added "Allow only 16 characters in volume name" option in settings dialog.
  • Improved user interface, now "Multisession options" button displays the current selection
  • Improved installer. Now it can use the front end to scan for available CD drives and can try to download and install an ASPI layer for you in case of an error.
  • More minor user interface tweaks
  • Fixed a bug in Visual ISO resulting in not displaying the proper progress bar value and incorrect total size while loading a file which is blocked by another application
Version 1.4 dev 2 (released 13.01.2004)
  • Added "paranoia" library support for extracting audio CD tracks
  • Added CDDB lookup support for extracting audio CD tracks
  • Added interactive CDDB choice mode for extracting audio CD tracks
  • Added support for "copy permitted" mode while creating Audio CDs
  • Added support for using the .inf files created by CDDA2WAV while creating Audio CDs
  • Added support for creating Audio CDs with CD text
  • Added an option for adding a new session without merging the old one's content
  • Improved "Record CD on the fly" option once again. You should try it :)
  • Improved "No CD drives found" dialog (more information added)
  • Fixed log file support introduced in version 1.4 dev
  • Fixed mixed mode support
  • Fixed a bug resulting in some of the options like Multisession and FIFO size not to work in Audio and Mixed mode CDs
  • Fixed a small bug in Visual ISO resulting in not displaying the proper progress bar value while loading a file from a command line option
Version 1.4 dev (released 07.01.2004)
  • Added multisession support
  • Added CUE sheet support (CUE/BIN images burning)
  • Added overburn support
  • Added input-charset and output-charset support and now you can select a code page for directory and file names
  • Added support for long joliet file names in ISO relax options
  • Added new CD blank options (Blank a track, Unreserve a reserved track, Blank the tail of a track)
  • Added "Burn with CDR Tools" option to Windows Explorer context menu for .iso and .cue file extensions
  • Added "All tracks into one file" option for extracting audio tracks
  • Added options to select CDR Tools output font, font colour and window background
  • Added options log CDR Tools output into a file (overwrite and append modes)
  • Added an option to start operations immediately instead of having to press the "Start" button
  • Added an option to allow only one pressing of the "Start" button
  • Added support for printing the drive capabilities for SCSI-3/mmc compliant drives to "Specific and initial tasks" dialog
  • Added "Load from path-list" support to Visual ISO
  • Fixed a bug in Visual ISO image size progress bar resulting in invalid size shown
  • Improved "Record CD on the fly" option which creates ISO and CD in one step. You should try it! I'm using it almost all the time :) Just remember to set bigger FIFO size in "cdrecord options" dialog. Something between 8 and 64 Mb should do the job.
  • Improved Visual ISO to CDR Tools Front End integration
  • Improved Audio files selection dialog - now resizable
  • Temporary removed Multilanguage support - version in development
  • Temporary removed Help file - version in development
  • Visual ISO version now is 1.1 beta
Version 1.3 final (released 08.11.2003)
  • Updated help file (latest CDROM FAQ)
  • CDR Tools Front End installation now comes with CDR Tools 2.01a19 final
  • Installer now has multilanguage support
  • Smaller installer using better compression (7-zip)
Version 1.3 beta 3 (released 02.06.2003)
  • Fixed "default path" problem when using "Record CD on the fly" option
  • Fixed a minor problem in Visual ISO that doesn't allow the user to select network folder when using the "Add folder" button
  • Installer now comes with CDR Tools version 2.01a15
  • Minor installer improvements
Version 1.3 beta 2 (released 05.05.2003)
  • Added bootable CD support (single mode boot from a floppy diskette image)
  • Added an option to create an image file from a floppy disk
  • Added an option for minimizing the grace time (seconds before burning start)
Version 1.3 beta (released 28.03.2003)
  • New more visual way to add audio files to Audio and Mixed mode CDs
  • Added Splash screen to show while Front End initializes at startup
  • Added support for Windows XP Themes - now looks better under Windows XP
  • Some dialogs were extended to fit the translation texts
  • Minor code improvements and some unnecessary code was removed
Version 1.2 final (released 11.03.2003)
  • CDR Tools Front End installation now comes with CDR Tools 2.0 final
  • Updated help file (updated manual pages, readme files and latest CDROM FAQ)
Version 1.2 beta 4 (released 05.12.2002)
  • Fixed CDR Tools Front End error with changing folders and refusing to start CDR Tools executables when the user browse for a file in different folder.
  • Fixed some incorrect file/folder checks in CDR Tools Front End (mkisofs options dialog)
  • Visual ISO now outputs with LF only instead of CR+LF (Unix/Linux style)
  • Improved Drag and Drop on ISO tree behavior in Visual ISO
  • Added Run Windows Explorer button to Visual ISO toolbar
Version 1.2 beta 3 (released 02.12.2002)
  • Added "Save As" functionality to Visual ISO
  • Small internal improvements to Visual ISO to make future translation support easier
  • Minor interface improvements
Version 1.2 beta 2 (released 29.11.2002)
  • Fixed a bug in Visual ISO, which causes all system icons to disappear after user close it, inside Windows 9x/ME
  • Added German translation to version 1.2! Thanks to Thomas Kaes
  • Installer now comes with CDR Tools version 1.11a40
Version 1.2 beta (released 26.11.2002)
  • Added "Create ISO from multiply directories/drives" via the Visual ISO project. More information in the release notes.
  • Added support for path-lists to the Front End
Version 1.1 final (released 16.09.2002)
  • Added Dutch translation! Thanks to Bert van Velsen
  • Added Polish translation! Thanks to Wojtek Wasilewski
  • Updated help file
Version 1.1 beta 3 (released 12.08.2002)
  • Added German translation! Thanks to Thorsten Ebeling
  • Fixed a bug with help file displaying under Windows 9x/ME. Thanks to Thorsten Ebeling.
  • Fixed a bug with "Directory select" dialogs under Windows 9x/ME. Thanks to Thorsten Ebeling.
  • Improved translation system
Version 1.1 beta 2 (released 12.07.2002)
  • Fixed support for directories containing spaces. Thanks to Andrea Vangelista
  • Fixed a bug in HFS options construction
  • Fixed bugs with values containing spaces in "Advanced ISO id options" and "Select HFS options" dialogs
  • Fixed a bug which causes the "Erase CDRW disk" option not to be remembered and automatically selected on next start
Version 1.1 beta (released 07.05.2002)
  • Added Multilanguage support.
  • Added "Record CD on the fly" option in "Select cdrecord options" dialog. This allows you to create a CD image and record it at the same time.
  • Added option for burnproof. (cdrecord -driveropts=burnproof) in "Select cdrecord options" dialog
  • Added option for FIFO size. (cdrecord fs=) in "Select cdrecord options" dialog
  • Added "Set Disk At Once (DAO) mode" in "Select cdrecord options" dialog
  • Added many "ISO relax options" in "Select mkisofs options" dialog
  • Added HFS support in "Select mkisofs options" dialog
  • Added "Hide TRANS.TBL from Joliet tree" option in "Select mkisofs options" dialog
  • Added "Select extract directory" option in "Select cdda2wav options" dialog
  • Added "Show disc ATIP information" (cdrecord -atip) option in "Specific and initial tasks" dialog
  • Added some small interface improvements.
  • Removed lame encoder Front End support
Version 1.0 - Initial version (released 03.2001).

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