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General notes and terms used

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Creating new translation step by step

  1. Create new .INI file from a template. You could use a copy of Example.INI (the English template) included with CDR Tools Front End installation or a copy of some other .INI file in your language directory containing a language you will translate from. All INI files there (*.ini) are checked for a valid language format and displayed as available languages in the "Select language" dialog. It is a good idea to use a language name as a file name but this is not compulsory. The file name extension must be INI. Examples: English.ini, Bulgarian.ini or YourLanguageName.ini
  2. Open your file with a text editor (like notepad).
  3. Fill up the necessary fields in [MAIN] section. Only "language=" field is compulsory.
  4. Start replacing the text in other fields with text in your language. Please try to keep your translated text as short as possible in order to fit in within Front End dialogs. Some translation hints:
    • \r\n means new line (in fact \r is ignored and \n is the new line)
    • Please note %s, %u and %d strings, and keep them inside your translations. They are replaced later by the Front End (%s with a string, %d with a number and %u with an unsigned number).
    • Every time you open a dialog, it reloads its translation. You won't have to restart the Front End every time you made a change (just close the dialog and reopen it to see the result). Don't forget to save the .ini file before preview it as I did in the beginning ;)
  5. Save your file as a plain text file
  6. Please send your translation to me ( ) so I can include it in my CDR Tools Front End installation.

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